The story of two distant brothers on a road trip to deliver their deceased father’s ashes to their final resting place. Steven Manchester’s Ashes is an attempt at humor, family, and the dark side of our pasts, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I enjoyed the plot, I felt that the idea of … More Ashes

Scripture Doodle

This was a breath of fresh air. I really really enjoyed Scripture Doodle by April Knight, which is a six-week devotional experience. Basically, this book, that is about the size of your standard coloring book, with thick white pages and lovely writing, gives you exercises and prompts in order to get right with your spiritual side. … More Scripture Doodle

Under the Influence

Helen has had to live with the consequences of her actions for many years. When drunk driving takes away her son, and dissolves her marriage, she is left with nothing. In Under the Influence by Joyce Maynard, Helen has to overcome what her past has caused in order to regain her future. Then she meets Ava and … More Under the Influence

Love Connection

We’ve all thought about what would happen, and where we would be, if our life had gone in a different direction, and in this book, we get to see the different paths play out when a woman holds two plane tickets to two different places in her hands. Love Connections by one of my favorites, Camilla Isley, … More Love Connection