The Flawed Ones

If this story doesn’t move you, rock you to the core, or make you rethink your life, then you may be reading it wrong. The Flawed Ones by Jay Chirino is a fictionalized account of a man’s struggle with addiction, depression, alcoholism, and his strength and courage to finally get help for his demons. This story hurt … More The Flawed Ones

Eventually Julie

Julie is having a quarter-life crisis, she’s fed up with her job, and with her relationships that just don’t ever work out in her favor. So, she decides to finally do something for herself. In Eventually Julie by Anthea Syrokou, you’ll be whisked away to Paris along with Julie as she falls in love with the scenery … More Eventually Julie


The stories of a fireman and two teenaged arsons converge in this dark and dramatic thriller. Fires by Tom Ward is immensely symbolic, as the characters dance around each other much like fire. With touches of Fahrenheit 451 sprinkled through the story, you’ll feel terrified of the flames just like the characters. There’s nothing better than a story that … More Fires