Paper Airplane

Mitch is the typical eighth grader, insecure about his weight, and the fact that he is supposed to be in gifted classes, which labels him a dork. Plus, he isn’t sure how to approach girls, the usual middle school issues we all have experienced or will experience in our lives. Paper Airplane by Kevin N. Fair gives … More Paper Airplane

Life After Joe

Liz thought that she found the love of her life in Joe, who was the man of her dreams, but when he unexpectedly dies, how does she go on with her life, knowing that she may never find that perfect someone because he already came and went? Life After Joe by Ann Benjamin is a thought-provoking … More Life After Joe

The Rain Never Came

Australia has been dried up by a devastating drought, and it seems that everyone has up and left the small town except for Bill and Tobe, who plan on sticking it out bar hopping, I mean where else would they go, besides the local watering hole? In The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter, the story of … More The Rain Never Came

Ulysses S. Grant in China and Other Stories-Kids Books-Author Q&A

Travel through time in a book filled with captivating stories from history. In Ulysses S. Grant in China and Other Stories by Tom Durwood not only do you travel to China with President Grant but all throughout time. In the first story, you get to see how the first crop was planted in great detail, … More Ulysses S. Grant in China and Other Stories-Kids Books-Author Q&A


This. This book right here. Wow. This may be my favorite book of 2017. Poison by Galt Niederhoffer was an unexpectedly genius domestic thriller that had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page. Before reading this book, I actually took a little break from reading, I was quite overwhelmed with everything that … More Poison