I must begin this review with saying that the cover of Carla by Michael Gryboski is gorgeous! Second, I have to say that the writing in this book was pure gold. When we first meet Carla, she is attaching a bomb to a car, and then she quickly changes clothes and heads off to work. I mean, … More Carla

Jeep Tour

Jackie “Jax” Sullivan was not looking for love after her failed marriage, but when she takes a Jeep tour, she can’t help but think about all of the things she could do with, and to, the tour guide Rick. In Jeep Tour by Gail Ward Olmsted, the romance heats up, and the humor flies off the … More Jeep Tour


I have been a subscriber to Gabbie Hanna’s Youtube channel The Gabbie Show for over a year now. I even talked about her channel in my post about Non-Bookish Youtubers I Can’t Stop Watching, so I mean, all I can say is I love this girl. Every single time one of her videos pops up in … More Adultolescence

Absolute Zero

Val seems to have it all, a nice house, a husband, and an incredible job, but on the inside she isn’t happy at all. In, Absolute Zero by Margaret Lashley, you will see how one woman’s torment can turn into the greatest adventure. If you think Eat, Pray, Love but with a lot more redneck, and a … More Absolute Zero