The Promise Between Us

The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White is one of the most realistic views of mental illness that I have read thus far in my life. Katie is a mother who disappears after intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and OCD wreak havoc on her relationship with her baby daughter and her husband. Nine years later, she’s thrust … More The Promise Between Us

Off the Bookcase

This month, for my Off the Bookcase selection, I read Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. I found this book at a library book sale, and since I’ve read Emily’s books before, and liked most of them, I decided to pick it up. I wasn’t prepared for the heartfelt and wonderful story that I found between the pages. … More Off the Bookcase

Moving Book Purge

Moving is hard guys, especially when you have a million books to take along with you. That’s why I had to go through my books and decide what I was and wasn’t going to take with me to the new house. After much deliberation, and 4 boxes of donated books, I’ve kept these 17 books … More Moving Book Purge