Welcome to My Blog!


I am an avid reader of all things, pretty much anything I can get my hands on…including such things as shampoo bottles, packets from the mail, and recipe cards. I have been reading since I was about four years old, sitting on my dad’s lap learning all the words to Green Eggs and Ham. Now a days, it is a rare occasion when I am not holding a book in my hand, or perusing my kindle. I love all kinds of books, woman’s fiction, contemporary fiction, young adult, biography, memoir, the list goes on.

Since I am constantly reading, I am constantly immersed in a different world. This has helped me out in many ways, for example, I had a little boy two years ago, and I became very very deep in depression after he was born, reading gave me something else to think about, and it helped me to remember “this too shall pass”, it created a distraction from the hole that I was falling into, and ultimately got me out of my depression.

I wanted to create this blog because reading has given me an outlet, and I wanted to give a thank you to the great (and maybe the not so great) books that I have read by reviewing them and hopefully getting other people excited about reading.

I am also somewhat of a writer, basically I start an idea and then I never ever ever finish what I am writing, so maybe I will throw in a few excerpts of my writing here and there, just to see what anyone thinks about it.

Thank you for visiting my blog, honestly it means a lot, and I hope you get something out of it.


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