Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries

I received an e-book from to review this book:

I read Bonding with Your Child Through Boundaries by June Hunt and Peggysue Wells in one sitting because I love the idea of it! I am all for finding new ways to help me understand the ways of parenting. I am the mother of a 2 year old, and the step mother of an almost 7 year old that we get half of the time. We have had struggles in the past with my step son as boundaries needed to be set, and we still see some of the struggles to this day. This is why I was so interested in this book. Not only will help for possible future issues with my step son, but it will also help with future issues with my two year old. I love that this book gives you advice, but also it tells you exactly what you should say in certain situations, and even gives you dialog ideas. Not only that, but it actually listed rules that you could use in your home to implement boundaries, rules, and discipline. This was a great starting point, and something that I plan on using in my home.

Also, the book gave examples of situations that could happen with your child of any age, and with different types of issues, whether it be interrupting, not listening, tattling, the list goes on. It shows you how you can stop that behavior, with rewards or other types of repercussions. I thought that was a pretty awesome thing to add to the book.

This book is not really a sit down and read all at once type of book, but I did it anyway just because I was so interested. First of all, the authors put a lot of Bible verses, Words from God, and other Christian type of parenting ideas in this book. Which I found to be a great help. Not only that, but this is the type of book that you can reference from the early stages of parenting into the tween years, and you can use the book over and over, looking up the struggle that you are currently dealing with, and have a page by page instruction on what to do about it.

One thing that didn’t really sit well with me was the section on music. I am a big believer that music is a reflection of who you are, and I don’t think that limiting a child’s music listening is going to help them. Other than that I would say that this book gets an A+. I can’t wait to read more from these authors! Thank you for allowing me access to this book.51EOOGZpuhL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

One thought on “Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries

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    Thank you, Kerrie, for your insightful review. As you mentioned, our goal for Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries is that the book will be a practical handbook busy parents can use as a resource through the child raising years. Best to you and yours!
    PeggySue Wells


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