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The Good Little Book

This was an e-book I received from in return I would post a review.

The Good Little Book is a children’s story written by Kyo Maclear

This good little book  was whimsical and endearing. At the beginning, the little boy gets in trouble so he gets told to go think about what he did. Instead, he finds a good little book and it takes him on great adventures. This is exactly how I feel about books! He takes this book everywhere with him, but he loses it one day, and he goes on a search to find it. I loved the pictures in the book, they are very colorful and creative, as well as funny. This was a charming story that I read to my two year old son, he liked looking at the pictures and seeing all the different items in the illustrations. Thank you for allowing me to review this beautiful piece of work.

For a children’s book I thought this was a great little read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has little readers in their homes.9781770494510

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