What is “Comfy Reading”?

After writing a few book reviews, I kind of wanted to explain what comfy reading is to me, and why I enjoy it so much. Comfy reading to me, is being completely relaxed either in your bed, or in a chair, with a cozy blanket, sweater, whatever it may be that keeps you warm, with a nice cup of coffee or tea or cocoa. The next important thing is a nice fat book to read while you are sitting in your bed or chair. I enjoy comfy reading, because I don’t get a lot of time to sit and relax, which I am sure most of us do not, but also, because I went through a year and a half of post-partum depression, and the act of laying down or sitting down with a book was the only thing that got me through the dark moments of my life.

I have been an avid reader since I learned how to read at the age of four, but after having a baby, my mind sort of shut off the entire pleasure area of my brain. I didn’t get any sleep, I was a mess, gained almost 100 pounds, and just did not feel like myself. One day, after putting my son down for his afternoon nap, I decided to pick up one of the books that I had been neglecting for months. I got in bed and snuggled up with it, and I realized that because I was able to drift away, I didn’t feel as depressed as I did, and I could actually calm down and enjoy my afternoon. Ever since that day, I don’t think there has been a time where I haven’t had a book in my hand, or my kindle near me. I even enjoy browsing book sites to make a list of books that I want to read, or going to the library and just being around the books. Now that my son is 2, even getting to sit down and read to him is as enjoyable as reading a book by myself.

I wanted to write this blog for two reasons, first I enjoy reviewing books, and it gives me a sense of pride to let authors know that the people who read their books enjoy them, but also I like that I am able to give back to the book in a way. Almost like a thank you for being there for me, old friend, type of thing.


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