Little Mercies

A few months ago I read a book called Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf. This book got me in all the feels. I could only put it down because it was so intense and real that it was making me physically hurt! Social worker and mother Ellen Moore has worked with people who hurt children, do drugs, drink, all those types of things. She sees this type of thing every day in her job, and because she is such a busy mom, she has to multi task sometimes. One day, she forgets that her beautiful toddler is in the car when she decides to go to a clients house instead of drop her off at day care. The day turns blisteringly hot, and the baby almost dies in the car. The anguish and guilt that this mother feels is so real and disheartening, it really put me in a place of grief and also helped me to feel the failure she felt. It also made me want to snuggle my baby closer.

Another point of view in this book is a ten year old named Jenny. Jenny has been living with her father because her mother is not doing so well. Jenny gets on a bus, but her father doesn’t follow. She basically has to use her street smarts to find a way to survive.

This book was truly fantastic, though at times it had me so emotional I could barely hang on to it. It’s really a thrill ride of emotion, and you really want justice for everyone in this tale. 18722887


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