Mothers & Other Liars

I got this book from the library last week. This is an older book, out in 2010, but Mothers & Other Liars by Amy Bourret is amazing! This book had really short chapters, so I felt like time was just racing by. This is one of my definite recommendations for this year, you feel so many emotions on this roller coaster of a novel.

This story is based around Ruby, and her daughter Lark. When Ruby was a teenager, she was on her way to California when she stumbled across a baby in a garbage can at a motel. Assuming the baby was abandoned, she took her home with her. She was going to take her to the police station, but something inside her told her not to, to keep her and raise the baby as her own.

Nine years later, Lark, the baby from the trash can, finds a missing persons report on a baby that looks awfully like her. Ruby, now pregnant, decides that she cannot hide her secret any longer and takes it to the authority, who promptly take Lark back to her birth parents.

What happens next will have you on the edge of your seat, will Ruby get Lark back from her birth parents? Will Ruby go to jail for her crime? What will happen to the baby in Ruby’s belly?

This book will keep you wondering until the very end, and the outcome is just unforgettable. Go grab a copy of this book today, it’s fantastic!

5 out of 5 stars, and I also tried to find other books from this author but it looks like this is her only novel (Tear).



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