Get Even, and A Paris Affair

This week I knocked out two of the reading challenge books that I posted here. First was a short story novel called A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay and Sam Taylor. Then I read Get Even by Gretchen Mcneil.

I received A Paris Affair to review for free from The Reading Room, and I was excited to read it. It’s actually a really short book, about 150 pages, so I thought it would be simple and easy to get through. It was simple and easy, but it was terribly written and not at all fun to read. I hate to give bad book reviews, but I really can’t help it with this one. I have even looked at other reviews for this book, and none of them speak very highly of it. The dialogue in this book is extremely robotic, there is no emotion behind anything, it’s also rushed and contrived. This book consists of about 7-8 short stories based around affairs, if that isn’t depressing enough, the authors make it seem like everyone has affairs, and that they are just another part of life. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars, which is really sad because one of the authors of this book wrote Sarah’s Key which I thought was brilliant.

After I had a terrible time reading that book, I decided to go for a young adult novel. I got this one from the library, and I can’t remember where I heard of it from, somewhere on the internet, but I thought it sounded interesting. Get Even is about a group of kids at a private school who take matters into their own hands when they find out that someone is getting bullied, or not treated the way that they should be. The group goes by the name DGM (Don’t Get Mad), and everyone wants to know who they are, but no one can figure it out. They are comprised of students who don’t speak to each other at school, and their only purpose is to get back at people who treat others wrong. Their intentions are good, but sometimes they get into more trouble than they mean to. Crazy things start happening at their school when a student is murdered, and all fingers point to DGM. The members of DGM know they didn’t kill the student, so who did? This book was a twisty, turny, fast paced thrill ride in the category as the show Pretty Little Liars. I loved this book, it’s over 350 pages, and I read it in almost one sitting. There is a HUGE cliff hanger at the end, so I immediately put the second book on hold at my library. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars!

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