My Favorite Bookish Sites

Hello again!

I guess I have a little more free time today than I usually do, so I kind of wanted to talk about my favorite book sites, and where I go to get books and book information.

The first site that I love, which I follow on Facebook, and I also check out videos on Youtube is Book Riot. They always have really good information about new books coming out, interesting and in-depth Youtube videos about different genres, they also have give-aways on their site. Which I have won one before (I got Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell.) I don’t think I’ve read any of her work, but I always love finding new authors, and genres, to read. Anywhoo…Book Riot has become my BFF in most situations, and I will literally sit there and watch the videos, while putting the books that are mentioned in their videos in my amazon cart.

The next site that I love is The Reading Room. I have written about this website before, I have gotten many free advanced reader copies of books from this site, which is part of the reason why I love it. I also love the fact that there are so many books that have been reviewed, and there are many blogs and even quizzes that you can do on the site. It’s just a fun place to browse around and get lost in for hours, or maybe that’s just me.

Another site I enjoy, but find it hard to really get into is First To Read, basically you can request e-books, and you can also use points to ensure that you win the book. It is extremely hard to get a free book, and you can only keep it for a short amount of time once you get it. So, not entirely awesome but it’s fun if you have the time to read a book very quickly before it disappears from your library.

Next is Net Galley. I know that you have heard me talk about this a million times in my posts, but I really do enjoy this site. I love the fact that there are books on there from authors who are just starting out in the business, and also authors who are very well known. You usually have to be accepted by the publisher in order to read the book, so you could want a book very bad and be declined (has happened to me many times :insert sad emoji:) but, you also get to read really awesome books that you wouldn’t normally read because of the fact that the authors aren’t necessarily as well known. This has also become my BFF and it has allowed me to read almost one hundred books that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to read (due to money issues, and also just not knowing they were available). This site has also connected me with the authors of the books, which has been a really cool experience, and I hope to have some author interviews up soon on the blog that could be interesting to some of you.

Naturally, I adore Good Reads, but I never really remember to update my book shelf on there. I have an account heres my profile, but I couldn’t really tell you when the last time was that I updated it. It probably tells you right on the profile huh? So, I do like this site, I just don’t use it like I should.

What about you? What types of bookish sites do you enjoy? Do you have any suggestions for me?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Bookish Sites”

  1. Thanks for the post! I’ve been looking for a place to get some good book advice! I used to live in Portland where I pretty much just used the advice from employee picks at Powell’s bookstore, but since I’ve left there I’ve been reading a lot of terrible books from just random selecting based on book covers!

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