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The Ice Twins

I got this book from The Reading Room for free as an advanced readers copy. The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne (Which I found out is a pen name..pretty cool), has been sitting on my shelf for about a month now. The reason that I didn’t want to read it, is because I thought it had a really cool cover, and I liked seeing it sitting there waiting for me to crack it open. I know that sounds weird, but I really do like the excitement of having a new book to read, waiting for me. This book was at times spooky, eery and just plain creepy.

The story revolves around the Moorcroft family, who decide, after the sudden death of one of their identical twin daughters, to move to an island that Mr. Moorcroft’s grandmother willed to him. Although, before they move, their remaining daughter Kirstie starts saying very odd things, claiming that she is the other girl, her twin Lydia, who died tragically. The mother, Sarah, starts to wonder if maybe they have been wrong this whole time- and that Kirstie was actually the twin that died that fateful day.

As the novel goes on, the surviving daughter becomes more and more disturbed, and her claims are starting to scare Sarah. She doesn’t know whether to believe her daughter, and get her help, or just assume that the girl is playing a game. As things unravel in this novel, you will find yourself thinking one thing, and the twists and turns will have you thinking a completely different thing at the end of the chapter. It was a seriously eery ride. I would love to read more novels by this author, if this is the genre that they are going to keep writing. Another thing that was really cool, and unique about this novel, were the pictures that were placed between the points-of-view of the characters, they were pictures of the house that the Moorcroft family moved into (I don’t know if they are real photos or not), but either way they are some seriously creepy photos.

The book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me, I am kind of mad at myself for taking so long to read this awesome book, it was a real thrill ride.

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