The Book of Strange New Things

Oh my goodness! I literally just finished reading this book, and had to write about it because it was that good. I got The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber from the website Blogging For Books, which was the first book I ever got from this site- and I absolutely loved every second of it!

First of all, this book is 500 pages- so I was a little bit nervous about it, because I thought that was a large pill to swallow, especially if I was going to have to review it, and what if I didn’t even like it? Well, thankfully my fears were washed down the drain from the minute I opened this book.

I just want to say that this book is so many different things. It is a science fiction novel, it is a novel about religion, God and finding your place in the world. It’s also a love story, and a book intertwined with so many emotions that you don’t even know what you are feeling by the end of each chapter.

The story begins with Peter Leigh, who is going to go to a new planet in a different galaxy. The reason he is leaving Earth, and his wife, is so that he can teach the inhabitants of the planet Oasis about Jesus and the Bible. When he gets there he meets the new people, and they all are very welcoming and cannot wait to hear more and more about the Lord. While he is getting accustomed to his new surroundings, things back home on Earth are going to shambles. There are tsunamis, and corruptions, murders, all types of bad things happening on Earth. He keeps in contact with his wife, Bea, so he knows exactly what is going on.

Bea is pregnant, while the world is falling apart, and she is scared that she will never see Peter again. The letters that they write to each other are so wrought with emotion that you can feel the ache that Bea feels, and the helplessness that Petter feels because he cannot be there to comfort her.

This book shows how love can be felt from literally millions of miles away, and how it is possible to hold on to your loved ones, even if you cannot be their physically for them. It’s also about loving new people, and finding the goodness is strangers, and also finding love for yourself.

I really highly recommend this book, I am so happy that I got to read it, it was really an eye opening novel. This one gets a 5 out of 5 stars for me, plus about a million more for the very in depth new world that Faber has created in this masterpiece.

The Book of Strange New Things

6 thoughts on “The Book of Strange New Things

  1. Great review! I love your emotion. I remember being excited for this book because of the quirkiness: the Bible for aliens! The love was a great touch, though I was a bit confused on their relationship…and the cat.


    1. Yea the cat part was strange lol. Some people just get super close to there pets. I think their love was strong and they depended on each other a lot. So when that physical closeness was taken away their love suffered

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