Pretending to Dance

One of my favorite authors, Diane Chamberlain, has a new book coming out!! I got the ARC from Netgalley, of Pretending to Dance. This book definitely kept up with the pace of past novels. This book seamlessly flowed between past and present, to create a story that was sad, yet heartwarming and ultimately the story of one girl’s triumphant life.

The book starts out with Molly, who is looking to adopt a baby with her husband Aidan. They’ve tried to have a baby before, but it ended up in a miscarriage, and now Molly cannot have kids. The present time story is very emotionally wound up in finding a baby, or rather a birth mother, and how she will be integrated into their lives once the baby is born. It’s also a story about forgiveness, putting the past to rest, as well as opening yourself up to feelings that you may not want to feel.

In the past, Molly lived on a little spot of land, where all her family lived. They were close in proximity, and they were also close with their relationships. Molly’s dad had MS, which made it difficult for him to move anything but his head. This story is a coming of age story, how Molly goes from loving the band New Kids on The Block, to possibly loving a new boy from her school. It’s also a story about loss, separation and seeing people for who they truly are.

I love the fact that Diane can make characters come to life, they are so multidimensional, and they are also completely different than any other character she has written about before. Molly is very closed off in the beginning, and as you read further into the story, you see how she becomes less guarded, but you also see how she became so cut off from emotions and the world.

These books also bring out so many emotions in me, it makes me feel like I’m really a part of this story. I really really recommend this book, and I also recommend you check out other Diane Chamberlain books. They are also so cleverly disguising the real focus of the book in the beginning, it’s like peeling back layers of an onion, the book gets better as you delve deeper into the story.

I give this book 5 out of 5, and I don’t think I have read a book of hers that wouldn’t get this mark!


I also want to add that there is a novella that is a prequel to Pretending to Dance, that is called The Dance Begins. I have not read this one, but I plan on it!


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