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The Curse of Crow Hollow

Sit down, friend, and let me tell you a tale. A tale of wicked things, in a small town called Crow Hollow. In this small town, there is a witch in the mountains, some say she has demons attached to her. These demons do her dirty work, my friend, and if you get close enough to touch her, she will curse you and your loved ones.

The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey is a fantastic folklore tale about four teenagers who decide to stay the night in the mountains of Crow Hollow, close by the witch who lives at the top. In the morning, the teens realize that the witch, Alveretta, has stolen a bracelet that belonged to one of their mothers. So, they try to get it back, when they approach her, she curses them all. Now they have to go back to their families, and once strange things start happening, the townspeople point fingers. Could it really be Alveretta’s curse? Or is it just something in the water that is making these young people act strangely.

I thought this book was pretty good at the beginning, when I started reading it, it felt like I was sitting next to a very old man who was telling me a story that I needed to pay attention to. The way that it was written made me feel as if the man was setting a scene for me, and I really liked the way that it flowed.

Then the middle of the book came, and boy was I bored. It was a lot of gossiping and pointing fingers, trying to figure out what happened to these kids. Remember though, that this old man is still telling you a story, so it’s weaved with his vernacular, which makes it more interesting. Though that didn’t really keep my interest all that much, I was bored until about the last 100 pages. That’s when it started picking up speed again, and you got to see what was really going on behind the witches ways and the curse.

Once you find out who the storyteller is, you will be extremely shocked, and maybe feel a little bit creeped out. I have to give this book 3 out of 5 stars, just because it was so boring in the middle. Other than that, it was a good book that told a tale that was scary, skin crawling, and very very vivid.

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers.



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