My Favorite Book Series

Today I want to talk about some book series and how much I love them. When I say “series” I am going to take that very lightly, because to me a series could be 2 books or more…so I’m just going to go with that for now.

I am actually not a huge book series reader. Of course I have read the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games trilogy, as well as Divergent (except I still need to read Allegiant, don’t judge me). Here are a few more that I find very entertaining:

The first series that I absolutely love, and is probably one of my favorites

Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Page


The reason that this is one of my favorites, is because I absolutely love the movie The Wizard of Oz. It’s one of my all time favorites, and I have seen it more times than I can count. This is a different re-imagining of the original novels by L. Frank Baum.

This book begins when Dorothy takes over Oz, and she has flipped it upside down. No one can be trusted, everything is dark, and she needs to die. Amy Gumm has been recruited to murder Dorothy and set Oz back in order.

I just love the nostalgia of this book, as well as the cool new twist on the idea of Oz. Plus I love that there are a bunch of novellas, and prequels and the sequel to the book just came out.

If you are interested here are the other books in the series:



No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn, The Wizard Returns, and Heart of Tin are all novellas. There are also some that are coming out later this year I do believe.

The next favorite series:

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner


It took me a long long time to actually read this books, I was always a little iffy on them. When I finally did pick it up, I could not put it down. This book was so suspenseful, intriguing, scary and heart racing. If you have seen the movie, you have not read the book- they are totally different, and the movie does the book no justice at all.

In the first novel, Thomas wakes up in a strange place with walls all around, and there are thirteen other boys staring down at him. They’ve been there for years, their goal is to get out. The only way to get out is to figure out the maze that is surrounding them. Everything changes when the first and only girl shows up, she tells them she’s the last one. Now they are in a race against time to figure out what the maze is hiding.

The next book is The Scorch Trials, and then there is The Death Cure, and finally The Kill Order.


I am not going to give a synopsis of these books, because I really don’t want to give anything away. They are that good. If you have not read these, go get them because they are an intense thrill ride that you will be sad if you miss.

The next series is a set of books that my husband started reading, and he got me into. They are a type of apocalypse/zombie book, but they are also more than that.

The Remaining series by D.J. Molles


There is a lot of action in these books, and there is also extremely vivid detailing that puts you right in the story. The one I can think about right now, is when the main character Lee Harden, is trapped in a house with a couple of other people that he’s found. They are trapped upstairs, and there is a horde of zombies taking over the downstairs of the house. While reading this scene, you can pretty much feel the terror of the characters, you can feel the stairs being overtaken, and the smell of rotting flesh. It is incredible writing.

This novel starts out with Lee living in a bunker below ground. The reason is, he must rebuild the world if there is ever a reason. When a plague kills off 90% of the population, he must find the remaining people and take care of them.

There are 6 novels in this series I believe, plus a novella or two. The novellas give a different character the spotlight, and the other novels continue the story of Lee and his triumphant trek to save the remaining.

The other books in the series are:



I am not usually the type of person that likes action, but these books really give a different take on it. It can get a little intense at times, I had to set them down in order to just get back into the real world, but that’s the sign of a good book to me.

Okay, so those are my three favorite series right now, I hope that I’ve given you a good mix of book series so that you can check out any ones that you may think you would like. Like I said before, I am not a huge series person. The reason for this is, I do not like to “finish” a series, because I want the story to continue in my head. When I do finish a series I get a little sad, but these are definitely worth reading and reading all the way through.

If you have any other suggestions of series I should check out (Sorry not that big on like fantasy series), please post a comment or get at me on twitter, I would love to hear what you have to recommend!


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