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The Gracekeepers

Before I start reviewing this book, I have to give a huge shout out to the creator of the cover of the book The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan. It really captures the image of the world that I have in my head of this book. It is gorgeous and really just makes you feel something incredible.

Life, love and gender are fluid in this liquid immersed land of The Gracekeepers. The big top circus is on a boat, and people are buried at sea. This is what the future of the world looks like in this fantastical dystopian novel. It’s hard to tell the difference between men and women, and there are no real gender roles. You do the job that you have to do, and you figure out how to survive. Whether you are a landlocker (someone who lives on land) or a dampling (someone who lives on water), you stick to what you know, and you try not to cross the barrier between solid ground and water. Water takes up most of the Earth now, and at times it’s hard to find the food and supplies that are needed. Even though food is scarce, love is still abundant. When one of the much loved circus performers passes away, his body is given to the sea that he has been floating on since the day he was born. Land and sea collide when Callinish, the Gracekeeper, who lives on a small piece of land, her only job to welcome the newly dead, meets North, the circus bear-girl, who is destined to marry the ring-masters son, meet for the first time. Lies, secrets, and disguises flow through this novel, interweaving love with deception and mystery.

Although there is beauty and sadness, as well as vivid imagery in this book, it felt like it didn’t go anywhere. The reader learns so much about the different characters in the novel, even ones that are not main characters. The story tells of what these characters have lost, and gained, but at the same time the story seems to stand still. It felt like huge, key, plot points were just touched on momentarily. As if to say “oh hey, this happened.” Or, if there were significant plot points explained, there was no back story, or lead up. So, although this was set in a beautiful ethereal future world, there were many missteps in the actual story telling.

I received this book from Blogging For Books :).

This novel gets 3 out of 5 Stars, I need substance in a book, not just glamour.



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