Flashback Favorites Week- Marley and Me

Who doesn’t love a book about a little dog! Marley and Me was probably one of the first books I read about the relationship between a man and his pup, and the emotional bond that the two can have. I don’t think I had a dog for a very long time before I read this book. ( I have one now, a big ol’ dopey German Shepard named Rosko).

I think this one touched my heart because it follows Marley and his owner John from their very first meeting, *SPOILER ALERT* to their very last goodbye. John and his wife Jenny decide to get a puppy, because they want to try taking care of something before they have kids. They get a gorgeous labrador retriever and name him Marley. What they don’t realize is that Marley is precocious, rambunctious and simply, a pain in the butt. They love him anyway, and he sees them through moves, having babies, job changes, marriage problems, and everything else that can happen in someones life.

Marley, even though he was always getting in trouble, was also a very good friend to John and his family. He has shown what it’s like to give unconditional love, and that family means forever.

This story is so sweet, so touching, and heartwarming. I think that if you haven’t read this book, or even watched the movie, that you will definitely enjoy it (and shed a few tears).

This one gets a 5 out of 5 for me for sheer cuteness.



4 thoughts on “Flashback Favorites Week- Marley and Me

  1. I read this book shortly after my parents had to put down my childhood dog, so naturally I cried like a baby through the whole story.


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