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Flaskback Favorites Week- The Devil Wears Prada

I read this book many many years ago, and it has been a favorite of mine since then. I haven’t ever read the sequel, but if I do, I am going to have to read this one again first just to get a refresher on the details of the story. I realized just now that every book that I’ve posted in this flashback favorites week has become a movie, and the next post I am going to be making will be becoming a movie in the next year or two, how awesome! You’ll see what book I’m talking about at a later date :).

So, The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, follows the story of Andrea Sachs, when she becomes hired as the assistant to one of the most sought after editor of the magazine Runway, Miranda. Not only is Andrea’s new boss not exactly nice, but everyone else that she works with is stick thin, fashion crazed, and just…not exactly the same people that she is used to hanging around.

This book is basically a “boss from hell” story, and shows the ways that Miranda takes over Andrea’s life, and makes her do outrageous things, that no boss should ever make their assistant do. I love this book because it’s hilarious, but it also makes you thankful for the people that you have in your life, especially your boss, because they don’t act as crazy as Andrea’s boss. This is definitely a good summer read, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, you definitely should.

This book gets 5 out of 5 for me, I was really unaware of how awesome this book was when I picked it up. I think I got it at a garage sale about 10 years ago.

I might also add that the movie is pretty awesome too, Andrea is played by Anne Hathaway, who does a great job of portraying the out of place editor’s assistant.

Please let me know if you have read the sequel, and if its any good!



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