To each and every one of you! I know 150 followers may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it’s everything! I started this blog all by my lonesome on a whim one day while sitting in my room. I started it, because I adore books, they have been there for me through pretty much every single thing I’ve ever been to, and this was a way for me to say “thanks”.

Being able to share my love of books with other people makes me happy. I love connecting with other book lovers, and I love to talk about the books that make me smile.

If you have followed my blog, I appreciate you, and will always follow back. I love the community that I have found within this blog, the book enthusiasts, the people who want to talk about certain things-but may be too afraid to face to face, the people who understand me and what my interests are. You guys rock, and I cannot wait to see how far this blog can go. I started it at the end of May, and I already have 150 followers, that means a lot to me.

Thank you again, you guys are the best!


10 thoughts on “150 Followers!

  1. 150 followers is a wonderful milestone and a testament to all the wonderful things we like to read here. I agree, being able to chat about books with a community of smart, kind readers is awesome.


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