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The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster

If you are looking for a book that has it all, look no further than The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster by Scott Wilbanks. Not only does this book have time travel, and mystery, it also has murder, espionage, and the theme of finding out who you truly are. It is a fantastic book for almost any genre, this one will keep you intrigued no matter what type of books you are interested in.

Annie Aster is an eccentric girl, who likes to dress differently than other people, she lives alone in an old home, and her only real friend is Christian. When she purchases a big, old, red door from a consignment shop, weird things start to happen. First, there’s a wheat field that shows up in the back of her house- that has never been there before. Not only that, but these strange letters start to show up in her mail box, letters from the 1890’s.

Elsbeth is the woman who keeps sending the letters to Annie, and she was just minding her own business one day when a strange house lands in her back forty. She’s not too happy about someone invading her privacy, so she decides to write them a little nasty note. Come to find out, the person who lives in that house is from 1995. So, she’s a little bit confused, and of course interested, in what could possibly be happening.

The women decide to keep up correspondence, and soon it is figured out that the door has something to do with the weird occurrences. Once Annie finds out who owned the door many years ago, and the truth about her family, she sets out to save the man who made the door, who was murdered in cold blood in the 1890’s. Can Elsbeth help Annie change the course of time and stop the murder before it happens? What if they stop the murder? Will Annie have ever been born, because if they change fate, maybe she will never have gotten the door as well?

Like I said, this book has everything you could as for. I loved reading it. It was really charming, the way that it was written, and it also bounced back between the 1890’s, and 1990’s which was really fun. Plus, it has some twists in it that you won’t see coming to the last second, which always gets me excited about a book.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me, it’s beautifully written and it has a great message. Not only that, but the cover is gorgeous. I received this book from netgalley.



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