I received Remnants from the author Wanggo Gallaga, in exchange for an honest review. This is a collection of poetry, as well as a memoir of Wanggo’s life and struggles. I am not usually a poetry reader, so I was looking at this book with an amateur eye. Though, I love a good memoir. This one spoke to me because Wanggo was diagnosed as being HIV positive, so I knew his words would be powerful, inspiring and emotional.

His poetry is very eloquent, beautiful and it held a heavy hand to me. In a way, I am happy that I am not a poetry reader, so I could really look at his words with a fresh perspective. I thought his poems, though deep and sometimes hard to read, were beautiful in their own way. His poems tell a story, the story of his life, and though they don’t rhyme (which most good poetry doesn’t), they have a flow about them that just makes sense. My favorite poems were “The Last Time You Were Beautiful”, “Gravity”, and “Steel Yourself”.

I had never heard of Wanggo before he contacted me, and so I decided to do some googling. First of all, he’s very handsome! But more importantly, he’s very dedicated to the cause of trying to stop the spread of HIV. He is an activist, and very much a role model. I think it’s great that he is open about his HIV+ status, so that he can tell others how to protect themselves. Wanggo has a lot of courage, and it is inspiring.

I am so thankful that I was given the chance to read this, I didn’t realize how much it was going to impact me. This collection of poems gets 5 out of 5 stars from me, the raw emotion with in the pages deserves more than that.


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