Destruction by Sharon Bayliss is one of the coolest genre bending novels that I have encountered recently. David is a man with many secrets, and he has made many mistakes in his life. The biggest mistake would be the seven year affair he had at the beginning of his marriage. Not only did he cheat on his wife in that time, but he also had two children with his mistress. The woman he was cheating with took their children away from David, and he had no idea where she ran off to, until one early morning when he gets a phone call. His children’s mother was murdered, and now he needs to pick them up in Texas to take them home to his other family.

Now David has to figure out how to welcome these children he has never known to his home. His home that’s filled with his other three children, and his wife. All of which have no idea these children, or the affair, even exist.

After David finally breaks everything down to his wife, she wants a divorce, naturally. Though she doesn’t want to be with him anymore, she tells him he can stay in their home-only because his recently discovered children need somewhere they can feel safe and comfortable.

Strange things start to happen though, when the youngest children Evangeline, tells everyone that she is a witch. The social worker told David that he should let her believe this, that it was her way of coping with her loss, and the abuse she endured at the hands of her step father. When things start to break, and Evangeline hurts David’s other daughter Emmy, the daughter from his marriage, he starts to believe that maybe there is something supernatural going on here.

*Spoiler Alert*

This isn’t the end of the witchy experience. After a couple of days, David’s wife comes to him to say that she has a secret. First, David gets upset because he thinks she is going to tell him that she was also having an affair. She didn’t though, she wants him to know that she’s a witch, too, and so are their children. David then freaks out, because he doesn’t believe in such a thing. Yet, she can do things he cannot understand. After the secret is revealed to their children, will they be able to live a normal “Mundane” life? Will their family stick together?

*End of Spoiler*

Let me just say that I loved that this book started out as your regular literary fiction novel, and then BAM it turned into a fantasy/supernatural novel as well. The combination of the two was amazing, both of these types of books are really up there on my favorite genres, so to put them together in such a seamless, interesting way, was really awesome and a cool way to incorporate the two. I definitely give this book 5 out of 5 stars, there is a sequel that I haven’t read yet, but once I do I will definitely post it! I received this book from the publisher Curiosity Quills, who has some amazing books!

Destruction-Sharon Bayliss


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