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Hey! I got this idea from Susanna at www.susannavalenti.com, because she did this book tag and said anyone could do it if that wanted to, and I wanted to so there. Any who, I like this because I generally disagree with people about what types of books I like, and that’s because I’m not always into the most “popular” books at the moment, and I also don’t read those books for like years and years and fall way behind all the fandoms. I’m a rebel, and I like it.

A popular book, or series, that you didn’t like:


So, I was totally okay with the first book. Though it was a little bit strange to me. But, by the end of the second book I was SO BORED of the whiney, back and forth, relationship between Christian and Ana, that I didn’t even read the third book. I’m sure I already know how it ends anyway.

A popular book, or series, that everyone seems to hate, but you love:


The House of Night novels were really cool to me when they first came out, but I heard a lot of people didn’t care for them. I was totally into it, and thought it was a different take on the whole vampire/supernatural experience.

A love triangle where the character ended up with the person  you did NOT want them to be with:



BOO! Gale was hotter, and not to mention taller, and treated her like she lassoed the moon.

A popular book genre that you hardly ever reach for:


Books like this one. The reason for that is, I’m married…not really interested in high school love stories or books about dating when the characters are super young. IDK, I think I’m just over that part of my life.

A popular or beloved character you do not like:


A popular author that you can’t seem to get into:


Kazuo Ishiguro. Every time I try to read one of his books, I feel like falling asleep.

A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing:


Zombie romance books. I mean for real, how is that even attractive?

A popular series that you have no interest in reading:


The saying goes “The book is always better than the TV show, or movie.” but what movie or tv show do you prefer over the book:


I absolutely love both the book and the movie, so don’t think I’m hating on either. I just love the style of the movie and think it’s a better fit for the plot.

What a fun tag! Anyone that wants to do this is ever so welcome to! I hope you enjoyed my answers, and if not, too bad lol.


7 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. I liked HoN series quite a bit too. I gave up on the series after book 9 because it felt draggy and I became disillusioned with YA in general but I agree that it is a fascinating, unique take on vampires.


  2. Hello Kerrie

    I really enjoy your blog, really excellent content.

    I like the ‘unpopular opinions book tag’

    I also don’t get drawn into reading the ‘hot now’ books, I choose books based on the synopsis on the back of the book. If it makes me think that I will enjoy it (or even if it isn’t normally my kind of book, but sounds interesting), I read the first page. If I then want to read the second page, I buy the book.

    ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I read about 60 pages (which I think was long enough to get the ‘gist’) and couldn’t believe the hype over this. I adore books and even if I don’t enjoy a book I try to at least read it to the end and give it a chance, but I really struggled with this one and that’s all I read.
    (If I don’t like a book, I send on to a ‘book bank’ as there is always someone else will enjoy it. Although I have also been told that I could furnish my home with furniture made out of my books :0)

    I think I objected most strongly to this being called ‘Chick Lit’ or ‘Mommy Porn’ – it’s just S&M Erotica, plain and very simple.I have read far better crafted examples than this, although it’s a genre I am not really keen on.

    To be honest I don’t like the phrase ‘Chick Lit’ – To me, it’s like saying ‘this is acceptable for women to read’. A book is a book is a book – It doesn’t matter who writes it or even what it’s about – if it draws you to it – read it.

    What is the male equivalent of ‘Chick Lit’? – ‘A book’.

    Gosh – I think this the first ‘rant’ I have ever posted. (sorry Kerrie)


    1. Thank you for the compliment! I work hard on my blog so I am glad you enjoy it. I think I heard somewhere that 50 shades started out as a twilight fan fiction, so that just shows you how much thought was put into it. I don’t mind the term chick-lit, though it’s a little outdated it’s still charming. The whole romance/love type books with moms and wives as the main character aren’t really geared toward men and that’s ok. I would think we are special because we get our own genre 🙂 gotta look at the positives I guess lol

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