Hiding Places


I received this book from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. This book sounded so interesting to me, but after reading it, I feel like I was let down quite a bit. This book is a multi-narrative, which is great. I love those types of books. But, that was probably the only interesting thing about it.

First we meet Kate, who is a sucker for her Grandfather, she hides twin bars in his garage for him, so that her Grandmother doesn’t know he’s eating them. She’s also quite a bit sneaky, she finds out all the little tidbits of information that she’s not supposed to know. Let me just tell you that this character annoyed me, I don’t really like sneaky children- I feel like they cause too much trouble.



That’s how I feel saying that about sneaky kids (hehe). But seriously, there’s nothing good that can come from a kid that just won’t mind their own business. Now on the other side of town is a homeless man sees something he shouldn’t and seeks refuge. The only place that he’s able to go is the resort that Kate’s grandparents own. Of course, Kate sneaks him in, and more debauchery ensues. Kate eventually finds out all the hidden secrets from her family, uncovering strange and interesting tales.

This sounds like an interesting story right? Well, it’s very dry, and boring. Which gives it a really slow pace- and it took forever to read it. The only reason I didn’t give up is because I received it from a site and didn’t want to let them down.

This book gets 2 out of 5 for me, it was just a slow read. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t check out other books from this author, though. So, we will see.

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