Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

Okay, so I was really excited to read this book. I scoured every place I could find to get my hands on a copy, Netgalley declined me, my library didn’t have it, and finally I stumbled upon it on Edelweiss, which I’ve just recently joined. Thankfully, I got accepted and I was able to read Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin.

First off, this book is deliciously funny, raunchy and quick witted. I loved the whole entire thing, especially the fact that the sex scenes were straight out of a movie. Not only that, but the dialog between the characters, from Ally and her daughter, to Ally and her love interest Jake, were so completely real and had so many layers, it was a fantastic read.

Ally Hughes is a college professor, and when one of her students Jake Bean stops by to help her with some handy work *ahem* he stays to help her out with a little bit more than that. After a steamy weekend, the two part ways, and don’t interact again. Until ten years later, when Ally’s daughter invites Jake, now Noah (he’s a famous movie star after all), to dinner. Jake and Ally begin their love affair again, and it’s super sexy, even though it was a little bit weird to begin with.

While they rekindle the flame, Ally’s daughter is trying to make enough money to get a nose job, which means she has to do some very uncomfortable and unconvential things, but ones Ally finds out, she tries to stop her, which caused a whole new slew of problems for both of the girls. I love the mother/daughter dynamic in this book, they are both very open and real with each other, which is not the type of relationship I have with my mom, so it’s definitely nice to see that.

Plus, the way that Jake feels about Ally is pretty much every girl’s dream, so it was really nice to see a guy who isn’t just in it for the bow chicka wow wow, and actually wants to have a relationship with someone, especially someone who doesn’t look like a super model. I loved that part of the book. I had a love/hate relationship with the way that the book was laid out, though. It wasn’t in chapter form, there were just breaks in between the “now” and the “past” Ally and Jake relationship. At times, it got confusing, but other than that I thought it was kind of cool that the author didn’t separate it into chapters.

Since the writing got a little bit out of hand, with my not being able to differentiate between past and present sometimes, I am going to give this book 4 out of 5. I thought it was a really awesome, light, summer read. It was funny and entertaining, and of course sexy.


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