Now, I am not necessarily the type of girl that enjoys football, or books about football, but this one caught my attention. The reason that Woodlawn by Todd Gerelds interested me is because of the faith that was instilled in the coach of a small high school football team. I love stories about redemption, overcoming obstacles, and putting faith in the Lord. This was exactly that type of story. Plus, it is amazing that it’s a true story, and it’s also a movie (which I have not seen). I received this book from Howard Books Publishing as part of their blogger program.

This book tells the inspirational story of Tandy Gerelds, and his running back Randy Nathan. It takes place back when race was a bigger issue, schools were just becoming integrated, and having African American’s on the football team of a mostly white school was frowned upon.

Although he faced many obstacles, coach Gerelds did not let that stop him. He knew that there was something special about Randy, and he would stop at no cost to let him play on his football team.

I obviously wasn’t around during this time period, so I always find it interesting how much things have changed since then. We rarely turn our head when we see a black man playing any type of sport. This book showcases how different the times were, and how doing what you love, and what you want to do, wasn’t always a freedom to everyone.

I really enjoyed this book, it showed me that even though I may face some trials and tribulations in my life, I need to push on, and do what I want to do regardless of if I have a few setbacks. It also shows how a town can come together to fight a war against race, and they can all root for the same team.

I give this book 5 out of 5, and I really cannot wait to watch the movie. I definitely felt this book was reminiscent of a little movie called Remember The Titans.

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