This Book Will Change Your Life


An old used book store, a girl stops in one rainy day to keep herself dry, the handsome clerk greets her and they begin discussing books. She hasn’t read any, he’s baffled and introduces her to The Book Thief. Soon, they begin a sensual, sexual, adoring and tension filled relationship that rivals a romance novel. You could read all of this and more in the up and coming This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver. I received this book from Netgalley. It looked like a book that would be a light, fun and entertaining read, and I was not disappointed. I read it in about a day, because it was so delicious I couldn’t put it down.

First off, Hannah is a college freshman who is upset because she failed her chemistry test, which is like the most important thing, because she’s going to school to become a chemist. The pressure is becoming too much, and after a long day, she runs into the nearest store to escape from the rain.

Ben is a book nerd, with some issues of his own. He want’s to be an English professor, but his dad wants him to be a lawyer, and will cut him off if he does anything but. Working in Prometheus books is his way of staying sane while trying to decide what to do with his life. When Hannah stumbles in one day, he definitely notices that she is adorable, yet under-read.

When Hannah asks for him to help her find a book, he shows her a few, and the books she reads connect her to a whole different world than she’s ever known before. The two college students get closer, and eventually they start a love affair that, to be honest, makes me yearn for the days when I was a young college student waiting for my life to begin.

This novel is filled with hope, inspiration, love, and let’s not forget the sex. The sex scenes were pretty scrumptious, but also the whole story between them was beautiful, Ben isn’t your typical super hot hunky dude, which makes it even better. He’s sweet, caring, and most of all he knows how to take care of a woman. Hannah, like Ben, is not super gorgeous, but she’s your average college girl who just wants to learn more about others and the world.

I can’t believe how much I did like this book, it was one of the better ones I read in August, it had a lot of heart, and it had some deep moments as well. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a light romance novel to start your autumn off to the right start.

Also, the recommendations that Ben gives Hannah in the book have ended up in my TBR pile, so, if that doesn’t make you have a little crush on Ben, I don’t know what will.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, way to go Amanda Weaver, this one is a winner.


4 thoughts on “This Book Will Change Your Life

  1. I read a lot of crime (no surprise there, as I’m a crime novelist!!) but sometimes it’s lovely to have a complete break and read something different. Your review has made me investigate this. I’m off to buy a copy! 🙂

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