Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography


First of all, is there anything not to like about this guy? Neil Patrick Harris is a man of many talents, and apparently many words, in this little book he calls Choose Your Own Autobiography. This was one of the coolest books I’ve seen in quite some time. It is reminiscent of the choose your own adventure books from my youth. It has Neil Patrick Harris interviewing Neil Patrick Harris ( I mean how does he DO IT!). It even has a written note from Barney Stinson ( I didn’t even know they were close).

Seriously though, Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite people on the planet. I love the show How I Met Your Mother, so when I saw that this was on the Blogging For Books website, I knew I had to snag it. This book came out last year I believe, but it’s now in paperback with a sweet new cover. This is the type of book that you can read many different ways, and more than once, rarely reading the same story twice. Did you ever wonder what NPH was like growing up? He tells you. Did you ever wonder what it was like for him to come out? He tells you that too! He even tells you about his first sexual experience with a man, I mean who doesn’t want to know that…Everything that he writes in this book is just the right amount of funny, it’s also charming, sweet, and you can really get a sense of how much he loves his husband, David.

I was definitely NOT disappointed when I read this, and I only read it once. So, I will most likely flip through the pages again, because I want to know what else has happened to him in his life. There are also pictures, drawings, a letter from Kelly Ripa, oh and I cannot forget to mention magic tricks. After reading this book I really want to hire NPH for my son’s birthday party, even more so than I did before. (Do you think he would come?)

I love that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and I respect him for all the work that he has done in his life. Neil Patrick Harris is an awesome actor, a great dad and it looks like a pretty stellar husband as well. This autobiography is a 5 star read, anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet, definitely should. If not for the inside scoop on How I Met Your Mother and do it yourself magic tricks, then check it out for the creative way the book is written.


3 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography

  1. I love NPH. All around. Great actor, seemingly great person, and just plain fun. Great review. Maybe I’ll grab this if it is still available after I cry my eyes out with the Holocaust book I picked.


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