Somewhere Out There


This is the first of Amy Hatvany’s novels that I’ve ever read. I am so happy that I picked Somewhere Out There, to read first. This story is rich with complexity, heart, and bittersweet moments. I fell in love with this story from the very beginning. It is sewn with heartbreaking loss, redemption, finding love through sisterhood and friendship, as well as losing things you didn’t even know you had. I cannot wait for others to read this book, it has the quality of a Diane Chamberlain novel, and you know she’s one of my favorites. I am itching to find more Amy Hatvany books to read.

This is a story about three women who once were close but now they don’t even know each other. Jennifer used to live in a car with her two daughters, stealing food for them to eat, and finding not so glamorous ways to make money when she could. After one stealing spree, she gets arrested and sent to jail. Her baby and four year old daughter are left in the care of the state. Unfortunately, a string of bad choices for Jennifer makes it so that she cannot ever see her daughters again.

After twenty years, Natalie is living a wonderful life with her husband and two kids. She loves to bake, and cannot wait for her industrial kitchen to be built in the garage so she can expand her business. She doesn’t know that her life is about to change. After her daughter has to create a family tree, Natalie goes to her mom to ask the questions that she never asked before. Natalie knew she was adopted growing up, but she didn’t know any other information about her birth mother. She definitely didn’t know that she also has a sister, that her mom and dad never told her about. When she learns that there is another person with her DNA out there, she goes on a search to find the pieces of her past, in hopes of creating a relationship with her long lost sibling.

Being alone is part of Brookes’s life. She knew her mother gave her up at a young age, and she has lived in a group home ever since. When her baby sister got adopted, she felt even more abandoned. Now, working late nights and sleeping with her boyfriend is the only comfort she gets. When she finds out she’s pregnant, Brooke is afraid that she won’t possess the mothering quality that she so yearned for in her childhood. She’s never had a family, and she doesn’t know what to do when she gets one.

The story that unfolds with in the pages of this book are spectacular. They are so rich with feeling, emotion and heartache that it is hard to put down. All at once you are rooting for each of these women, and you wish you could reach through the pages and hold their hands. This story is written from three different points of view, the mother and the two daughters, and once they collide you won’t want to miss a word. I loved this book, and after reading this, I am going to search for more Amy Hatvany novels. I think she might become one of my favorite new authors. This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me, I feel deeply emotional about this story.

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