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The Unyielding Future


The Unyielding Future by Brian O’Grady is a book that I received from The Story Plant as a part of their blogger program. These books are sent out every couple of months, and I always get excited to receive a new one, because they are usually interesting, different and often times unexpected. The letter that I received with this book claimed that the book was like nothing I have ever read before, and let me tell you, that is completely accurate. This book was a genre bender to put all my favorites to shame.

The book starts out with a terrorist attack on a school. Shots are fired, bombs are detonated, but the terrorists are taken down by a single old man who just happened to show up at the school that morning. The man, named Adis has no birth record, no driver’s license, and he just seems to have come from no where at all.

While Adis and his unknown background are very strange and intriguing, that’s only part of the story. Enter a prominent Austin, Texas doctor. Who is accused of kidnapping a girl in his neighborhood. Who should his patient happen to be? The one and only Adis. That’s right, the impossibly heroic older man. While in the doctor’s care, Adis weaves fantastical tales for the doctor, explaining things that could help the doctor understand why his world has been flipped upside down. Through out the novel, as we hear more of his allegories, we learn that there may be a reason for Adis’ sudden involvement in the doctor’s life, and that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Not only is this book a thriller, it’s also a crime novel, and a supernatural novel. You will definitely sit there and wonder to yourself what is going on with Adis at least four times, and that’s before you even get to the middle of the book. I was surprised through out the majority of this book, never really knowing where the story was going to take me. Which was a really fun ride. Also, the way that it all turns out is a shock. If you are looking for a book that is going to leave you in a book coma, this is definitely the one you are looking for.


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