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Favorite Badass Female Characters

In another edition of my favorite things, i wanted to talk about some badass females that scream GIRL POWER! Yeah, I said it. Don’t judge me. By badass, I mean women that can kick butt physically, mentally and maybe even sarcastically. These women are people that I want to be, become friends with, and have on my side during a zombie apocalypse. So let’s get the badassery started:

Katness Everdeen

 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


I think this one is pretty obvious, and most people think that Katniss is a badass.


First off, she knows how to use a bow and arrow. That screams badassness right there. Second, she won the Hunger Games with her wit and her inability to give up. Plus, she started the whole Mockingjay thing which created anarchy. Gotta love her, wanna be her.

Hermoine Granger 

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling


I feel like girls that are smart, and girls that aren’t afraid to be smart, are the most badass of all.


Hermoine isn’t afraid to use her book smarts, but she’s also not afraid to use a wand. She is also loyal to her friends, and doesn’t back down in the face of fear.

Annabeth Chase

Percy Jackson and The Olympians by Rick Riordan


Annabeth is not afraid to get down and dirty with the boys. She knows who she is and she’s confident in her abilities.


She’s the daughter of Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom after all.

Cassie Sullivan

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey


The reason that I like Cassie is that she will always fight for her brother, and I think that being selfless is a badass characteristic. I am excited that this book is becoming a movie in 2016 as well!


Divergent by Veronica Roth


The reason that I like Tris is because she is not afraid to go against what she has been taught. Plus, the character development through out the series is commendable.


For a girl that has everything to be afraid of, she sure steps up in the face of danger and doesn’t back down at the slightest inkling of a fight.

Sookie Stackhouse

The Sookie Steakhouse Series bye Charlaine Harris


The reason that I like Sookie because she doesn’t need no man to beat up some vampires. Plus, she has some sweet badass moves of her own.


Even when her friends and loved ones are harmed, she doesn’t give up. She will always fight for what she believes in.

This last one may be a bit surprising to some, but I have my reasons. They may be a little different than the other characters that are on my favorite badass females list but, she’s a badass none the less.

Amy Dunne

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


You are probably thinking I’m nuts, because Amy is nuts. But she never wavered in her theory and she had her mind set on what she wanted to do. She got it done, and got her point across. Though what she did isn’t the nicest thing to do, she had it all planned out and wasn’t afraid.

Who are some of your favorite badass girls? I know there are more out there, and probably some obvious ones that I’m forgetting! Let me hear about some badass girls in the comments, or let me know what you think about my favorites!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Badass Female Characters”

  1. Hermione will always have my heart, but Alanna from Song of the Lioness quartet was another one of my literary heroes. Old school, but classic.


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