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Where They Found Her


Where They Found Her by Kimberley Mccreight has been on my TBR list forever it seems. I finally decided to download it from my local library on my kindle, and I am ecstatic that I did. It was probably one of the most interconnected, surprising, books that I have read this year. I don’t know what took me so long to read it, but I definitely think that if you are interested in mysteries and crime thrillers that you would enjoy this book.

When the body of a newborn baby girl is found in the woods near Ridgedale University, the police and townspeople are baffled. Who would do such a thing? Was the baby a victim of homicide, or is it a scared teenager behind this gruesome discovery? What lies ahead in the story of where they found this darling baby is a tale weaved so intricate and close knit you won’t know who to suspect.

After the still birth of her daughter, Molly blames herself. She quit her job as a lawyer after a severe depression. She took a job at the Ridgedale Reader, the local newspaper, in order to make some money writing articles about the arts. When her boss is out of town, a body is discovered in the woods, and she is asked to write the story about it. Even though she is hesitant after finding out the body is that of a baby, she thinks that maybe writing the story will be therapeutic. When she delves deeper into the story, she becomes involved more than she ever thought she would. Trying to find the person who left the baby, has led her to uncovering truths behind the university that have been long buried.

Sandy’s mom is never around, she’s always trying to find a new thrill. So it’s pretty normal when her mom doesn’t show up after work one night. Three days later she still hasn’t come back home, and now theres an eviction notice on the door. Sandy takes it into her own hands to try and look for her mom, where could she be? What has she done that’s so bad she won’t come  home? Or is it that she can’t come home? It’s no like Sandy doesn’t have it bad enough, trying to get her GED, and being tutored by the chief of police’s daughter should be bad enough, now this. When Sandy finds her mother’s diary, she may see that her mom is more involved with the people of Ridgedale than she eve knew before.

Steve, the Chief of Police. Always looking out for everyone and trying to solve the latest crime. His wife at home thinks he spends too much time at work, while she blames everyone else for her children’s behavioral problems. Will Steve be able to solve the crime of the deceased baby, or will the tangled web get to him too?

The characters in this book were incredible. There were several people, and they were all somehow connected. At first I thought it was a little too much, and I kept thinking to myself “who is that again?”, but once  you get to the end of the book, you realize that they all have their reasons for being a part of the story. I liked this book, although at times I felt like it was too too intricate, it was a really good read. The end was shocking, to say the least. It’s something that you definitely won’t see coming. Once you think you have it all figured out, the story changes on you. 5 out of 5 stars right here.

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