The Big Penguin Party- Spotlight and Giveaway!


The Big Penguin Party is one of those awesome children’s books that I love to feature on my blog sometimes! This one is written by Christian and Fabian Jeremies, and it is really cool because it’s almost like a Where’s Waldo or I Spy book- the ones that I grew up loving.

Can you spot what’s missing? It’s Grandma’s birthday, and the whole Penguin family has arrived to celebrate! It’s shaping up to be a splendid time, but 90 penguins make a big mess…and now Grandma can’t find her special birthday costume!

It’s up to Peter and his friendly crocodile neighbor, Percy, to find each item for Grandma’s costume in time. And they definitely need your help- quick! There’s something lost on every page; can you find it?

My son and I loved this book, and we loved trying to find the different things for the party-plus we even looked for things that we spotted on the pages, it was such a fun read, and really got us interacting with the book and with each other. My son is only 2 and loved this book, I can only imagine that an older kid would get a kick out of it even more!

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Christian and Fabian Jeremies are brothers who have written and illustrated many books in their native country of Germany.


As far as I can tell, The Big Penguin Party is the first children’s book that is written in English. I think it will be a big hit!


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Good luck and I hope you love The Big Penguin Party as much as we did!


One thought on “The Big Penguin Party- Spotlight and Giveaway!

  1. If I were to write a children’s book concerning an animal. I would choose a horse, they are so beautiful but at times wild!


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