the time garden


When I saw that there was an adult coloring book available for review on Blogging for Books, I am pretty sure that I actually let out a squeal. I have been looking for a new coloring book, I have 2 already, but this one was exactly what I needed. The Time Garden by Daria Song, is a gorgeous addition to my coloring addiction. Not only does it have gorgeous pictures that I cannot wait to color, but it also has a story to tell. A little girl finds a clock from Germany, that she accidentally breaks- this magical clock takes her on a journey through many different scenarios, and the pictures that you get to color depict her adventures.

Here is the first picture that I colored, I could not wait to do it- I think I colored this with in the first two hours of having the book:


There are so many details and different pictures in this book. It will be a lot of fun to explore these worlds with this little girl. If you are in for a relaxing afternoon hobby, you definitely need to check this book out! One of the reasons why I like this book better than the other ones that I have are because there are different scenes- the first book I have is all flowers and garden pictures, which are fun to color but get old after a while. The second one is cityscapes, which is also fun but the mixture and whimsical feel of this book is more than I could ask for! 5 out of 5 stars for this beautiful book of ready to color art.

3 thoughts on “the time garden

  1. I recently got into coloring – mostly because I have to listen to a lot of online lectures and I can’t concentrate on what is being said without doodling. The book I have bought is called Zencolor Meditation. There are different pictures in it. Maybe I’ll invest in Time Garden because a whole story you get to color does sound great.

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