My Favorite Sites to Buy Books


Hey my fellow book lovers! Today I want to talk about my favorite places on the web to purchase books. Although I would much rather support local book stores and places around my home, we actually do not have any type of book store in or near my town. The closest place to buy books is about 30-45 minutes away. This is sad to me, and to combat the lack of book stores- I must find ways to buy books online. So here are some of my favorites:


Thrift Books is one of the biggest online used bookstores. It is based on Seattle, and I have had many a good book come from this site. I love it, though the prices are a little bit higher than some of the other used book sites I have used before, it’s still a decent place to look. Plus they have newer books, and older books as well.


Book Outlet is my GO TO site for used books. I am pretty sure this store is based on Canada, and they have a flagship store that has tons of great things going on all the time, so if you live in Canada near Book Outlet you should definitely check it out. I always find great books through this site, and they are oh so cheap. They even make books cheaper if they have a little dent or scratch on them- so cool. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive coupons in your email pretty much all the time.


Powells is a good site, but it’s not my favorite. One of the reasons I like this site, is because you can send books to them, and they will give you a voucher to buy more books- or you can get a Paypal voucher. The books here are a little more pricey, but the fact you can ship books to them for moolah makes it a little more worth it.


We can’t forget about good ol’ Amazon. This site is awesome because you can get Kindle or Nook books for cheap, they are always having some type of deal, plus you can get books shipped to your home. Other people can sell their books on Amazon, which makes it cheaper for you. Plus, you can sell your books to Amazon and get credit. I pretty much use Amazon for all my shopping needs, but I love it for my Kindle especially.


This site Book Riot is good to me for many things! I love watching the Youtube videos, which I have stated before. I love that they have giveaways all the time, and I love that they are constantly updating with new books, swag, etc. I like this site if you are in a pinch to find a book that you want to buy, but I wouldn’t use it as my first pick. The books are expensive here, but they also have really cool quarterly boxes you can get filled with bookish stuff- I’ve never gotten one (Can’t afford to 50 bucks), but one day I hope to receive one!


I’ve talked a lot about The Reading Room so it should come as no surprise that I’m going to mention this site here. I think that this is a great book buying site, you can get discounts on books and of course free books are available. I think some of them are a little over priced, but it’s definitely a fun site to check out!

What are some of your favorite book buying sites? I really like the ones that have discounted or used books- because I’m honestly a cheap skate hehe. Let me know in the comments what you think of my list, and what other sites you enjoy!


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