Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe


This book has been on my TBR list for quite some time. I even had it on a waiting list at my library, so when I saw that it was available on Book Look Bloggers for review, I snatched it up. The first thing I noticed about this book was how short it actually is. I think it is less than 200 pages. This means that, for me, it is a fast read. Thankfully Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado was also a really good, and sweet read as well.

The thing that I liked about this book was that it centered around a coffee house, which always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when it is presented in a book. Chelsea Chambers just got out of her marriage to a professional football player. He was caught cheating on her, which drove her to leave him and start running the coffee house that her mom willed her after she passed away. When she gets the news that the coffee shop isn’t financially stable anymore, she is in desperate need of help. First she thinks to ask her ex-husband, which is something that she definitely doesn’t want to do. Depending on him, is like waiting for the sky to fall. Then something really terrible happens, and her husband needs her as well. She feels like the world is being pulled out from under her.

Up in Heaven, an angel is waiting to help Chelsea. He has been asked to show her what to do, but he can’t do it unless Chelsea prays for some type of answer. I really liked this side of the book, because it showed how angels work in mysterious ways, and the narrative of the angel was so sweet, caring, and full of love. This book showcased God’s message, the meaning behind prayer, and that we are all in this together. After Chelsea starts to pray for help, she is guided to what she needs to do. Sometimes we forget that all we have to do is ask, and God will provide for us.

This book, though short, was a good read. Something i would recommend to people who want a pick me up about faith and love. I truly enjoyed this book. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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