I Wish & Wishing For You


This is a very rare “Two for One” type of blog post. I received I Wish as well as the sequel Wishing For You by Elizabeth Langston, from Netgalley. The first novel I Wish was published in November of 2014, so I don’t know why I’m just hearing about it now, because it was a really good story!

Lacey and her family struggle to put food on the table. After the death of her stepdad, her mom goes through a deep depression that leaves her unable to work or take care of Lacey and her little brother. This forces Lacey to work, as well as go to the flea market to exchange things for money. One day while at the flea market, she sees a gorgeous box that she just has to have. After some haggling, she takes the box home. What she doesn’t realize is that there is a genie in the box that will grant her 30 wishes (one for each day of the month). At first she is a little confused, and to be honest weirded out that a genie named Grant just pops up in her garage. Once she gets used to having Grant around, she decides that instead of wishing for things that are extravagant, she is going to wish for things like having Grant mow her grass, fix her house, and help take care of her little brother.

Grant becomes very involved in Lacey’s life, and they strike up a love for each other that cannot be explained. When Lacey and Grant must say goodbye, they may start to realize how hard it is to let go.

WishingForYou front

Wishing For You is the second book in the I Wish series, and one of the side characters from the first novel is the main character in this novel! Kimberly is the star character, who was a new friend/group partner for Lacey (who was the main girl in the first novel). I love this concept, and I think it’s truly amazing, and it goes really well with the story. Kimberly suffers from memory loss, due to chemotherapy that she had as a child. Now that she is graduating from high school, she needs to decide which college that she wants to attend. Unfortunately it’s impossible for her to decide because of her disability. One day, Grant the genie pops into her life. This is the same handsome genie from the first novel. It’s good to see him back, and it’s great that he continues to grant 30 wishes (one for each day of the month). Kimberly chooses wishes based on how well she will be able to care for herself when she leaves for college. I love that the girls in these books don’t waste their wishes on frivolous things, they use them to better themselves. Once Kimberly discovers a tragedy, she may be forced to change her life for a second time.

I thought these books were so cool, and very different than other genie stories that I’ve read. The author kept this series of books grounded in reality, if you can really say a genie is reality lol. Honestly though, these were very sweet stories that were entertaining. I hope that this series continues on, I would love to read more about these people!

I give these books 5 out of 5 stars, they are magical yet incorporate things from the real world, which is one of my favorite styles.

Wishing For You is the second book in the series, so I can only imagine there are going to be more in this series (Let’s hope!). This book got released on October 13 2015, so go check it out!

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