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Let’s Chat- October Edition


Grab some coffee, pull up a chair, let’s talk about some stuff!

Ahh. October, the perfect time of year. It’s also a great time to buy more books,hehe! Any who, there are a couple of things that I wanted to talk to you guys about today, and get your opinions on. Plus, I want to show you something super cool that I hinted at the last time I posted a “Let’s Chat” segment!

First things first, I want to know your guys’ tips for organizing your books. By this, I mean, how do you decide which books you are going to read that month, how do you decide which order you are going to read your books in, and also how do you catalog your read books vs your TBR books? I am notoriously bad at picking out books to read with in a month- as you can see I read A LOT of books, so I kind of just go by a couple of different things, when choosing what to read.

First, if it is an ARC or a e-galley book, I look at when the book is going to be published, or the date of which it is going to be archived on the website (like Netgalley). The sooner the date, the sooner I read the book. Of course, I also have books that get sent to me from publishers, which are on a monthly basis-so I make sure I read those before the month is up. It doesn’t always work out this way, because sometimes I go to the library and find books- or there is a book that I really want to read so I grab that one first. But, what do you do in cases like this? What if there is a book that you have been given to review and you aren’t that excited about it? Do you read more than one book at once? Tell me any tips and tricks that you have!


Okay, next question! What do you do when you don’t like a book? Do you review it anyway, or do you stop reading and pretend that you never saw the book? Here’s what I do. If it’s just a book I got from the library or a book that I have at home, and I don’t enjoy it. I will put it down, take it back, or just shelf it for a while. If it’s a book that I am meant to review, I will keep reading, because I feel like one of two things will happen. Either I will have more constructive criticisms to help the author, or I will start to enjoy the book. Neither one of those is bad, and I also will understand more about what it is that I like to read, and why.


And the last thing I want to talk about before I show you the cool thing, is this. I have been watching youtube videos by a girl who is obsessed with books as I am, for a couple of months now. I loved that she was as into books as me, and she has a book tube channel. I was really excited because I would be able to get some recommendations, and hear some good bookish stuff. Well, I realized after a few books that I absolutely hate the recommendations that she gives her viewers. I probably read 3 or 4 books that she recommended, and they were all terrible to me. It sucks, because I really wanted to support her channel, but now I don’t know if I want to continue to watch it, because I honestly get no good book recs from it. Hers is not the only channel I’m regularly watching, so I feel like I’m kind of wasting my time. What do you guys do in situations like this? I followed her journey because I really enjoyed watching her book collection grow and she’s funny etc. but her books are just not for me. Tell me what you think in the comments!


I wanted to show you guys something really really freakin awesome. If you follow me on twitter (If you don’t you should: @comfyreading) you have already seen this, but I just wanted to throw it out there again, because honestly IT’S SO COOL.

I reviewed this book a couple months back:


I thought that it was SUCH a good book, so I followed the author Amy Avanzino on Facebook and on Twitter, and we kind of just kept up chit-chatting here and there. Well, she wanted to send me a signed copy of her book. Which I was all too excited about:


This was absolutely awesome to me. It was the 2nd book that I have ever gotten signed (First was a couple weeks before I got this one, and it was Stephanie Kepke’s Goddess of Suburbia) both books are really good. But, not only did I get a signed copy of Wake-up Call but dun dun dun…:


THE AUTHOR ENDORSED HER BOOK WITH A QUOTE FROM MY BLOG!!! (And there is a super awesome bookmark too lol) Seriously, I feel so accomplished as a blogger, and I feel so grateful that I’ve been able to meet such amazing people in my short amount of time as a book blogger. You guys have no idea how much THIS means to me, and how much this blog means to me, and how much you all mean to me. So thank you. Thank you Amy for the sweet surprise, and thank you all for reading my ramblings about books!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Chat- October Edition”

  1. hey there.

    so here’s how I organize my books. I recently got two massive bookshelf (I posted a pic of it in my blog, do check it out) one for my TBRs and another for my Read books. For each of the books, I just organize them by height. I am not that meticulous (for example organize by colours or authors of stuff like that haha) My boxsets are always at the bottom because they are heavy and chunky. I always pick from my TBR jar for my next book to read. Since I am new to blogging, I have never received an ARC or books from any publisher so all my books are self-bought.

    For books that I am not excited about, usually I just skimmed through them. If I really can not digest the book then I just stop reading them because I don’t want to waste my time. It’s kinda easy for me because I don’t have to review them for a publisher or whatever. So I am kinda free in what I want to review.

    I have tried to read more than one book at a time but it did not work for me. Haha! I just can’t. So I stick with one book at a time.

    I watch booktube as well, and may I know which booktuber you are referring too? Maybe I watched her too. My favourite is Catriona (LittleBookOwl).


  2. What do you do when you don’t like a book? What a great question! Some reviewers will review books they like as well as books they don’t, but I review mainly to find the books I want to recommend to kids, teachers, parents, and other middle grade and young adult book lovers out there. Because of this, I state clearly in my review policy that I only review books that I would recommend. That doesn’t mean I always like the books I review, only that I find a good reason that others might like it or get something out of it. If I really don’t like a book, I stop reading pretty fast. If I received a review copy I’ll read a bit longer than I might have otherwise, but if I still really don’t like it I’ll send feedback to the author, publisher, or NetGalley, whomever sent me the book, that I won’t be reviewing it and why. So far the policy has worked out. I haven’t had to test it much since I don’t request the types of books I know I won’t like and because there are a lot of great books out there!


  3. You were quoted in a book!!!!!! That’s AMAZING!!! I want that and then I will feel a totally accomplished blogger! Wow, well done you that is SO cool.
    Also, thanks for putting me in your list as cool blogs, that was really great to see.
    With your chat for YouTubers, I follow a youtuber that reviews lots of YA novels and science fiction which are not so much my thing, but I enjoy her tag posts and general chat, so I still follow, I just don’t read the books she suggests.
    Congrats on your quote,


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