Oppression-Blog Tour


This is my first ever “Blog Tour” with the website YA Bound Book Tours. The first book that they sent me was Oppression by Jessica Therrien. First off, I want to say how gorgeous and ethereal this cover is! The cover was part of the reason why I really wanted to read this book, but also the plot really got me too. Elyse was born with a genetic defect that makes her age way slower than a normal human being. Even though she is 89 years old, she looks like she is 18. This means that she has had to move around a lot, which has caused her to not have many friends. This genetic issue that she has, also causes her blood to be able to heal other people. Though someone might think that this is a good thing, it has actually caused Elyse many problems, and it has caused her to lie and keep secrets for her entire life. Once she figures out that there is a reason that her blood heals, she has to fight her way to end the oppression of the people just like her.

One thing that I really liked about this book was that it is based on mythology. Elyse is the descendent of a Greek God, which reminds me a little bit Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, but these characters are much more sophisticated and suspenseful. Every one of the characters gets a backstory that explains where they come from, and how they are related to Greek mythology. I loved that part, and it was kind of fun trying to guess who was related to whom. One of the things that I didn’t really care for int his book, and I don’t like it as a trope in any YA book, is when the characters of Elyse and William fall in love with each other so quickly. I would have liked to see more relationship development there, but over all I thought this was a really charming book with a lot of cool mythological elements.

I give this book 3.5 out of five. It is the first book in a series, and I think it’s really cool. This is definitely the type of book that any YA fan would enjoy.


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