The Jock and the Fat Chick


I just got done reading this book, and I feel that it was something that I needed in order to get out of this book slump that I’ve been in. I am really into psychological books, and thrillers, so I have been reading a ton of those- and my brain just gets fogged up with all the craziness, so I needed something light, funny, and charming to sort of push me out of that rut. The Jock and the Fat Chick by Nicole Winters was just the recipe I needed to perk me up once again.

I know it sounds terrible by the title, but this book is actually really funny and heartwarming. It’s sweet, sensual as well as, I swear to you, makes you hungry! Kevin is a senior hockey player, with dreams of going to Michigan State University on a full hockey scholarship. He’s funny, good looking, and a lot of girls like him. The thing is, he’s not really interested in the skinny, cheerleader type of girls. While he is trying to raise his grades so that he can have a better chance of getting into college, his coach suggests that Kevin take a domestic tech class. Kevin is no where near a good cook, his mom thinks that canned and frozen meals are perfectly acceptable, so at first he feels out of place in his new class. That is until he meets Claire.

Claire is the daughter of a French chef and an Italian pastry chef. She knows how to cook. She knows how to eat good food, and her body shows it. Now, I wouldn’t say that she’s “fat”, because my perception of that is a little bit different than the authors. I think curves and thickness look good on a girl- and don’t necessarily make her fat. Any who, Kevin starts to fall for Claire while they take their class together. He doesn’t want his friends to know though, because he knows that they will just make fun of him for liking someone who isn’t a size 2.

After he and Claire get really close, things start to go south when she tells him she doesn’t want a relationship because they ill both be leaving for college soon. Kevin is upset, but understands. Then, at a party he does something he shouldn’t have done. This makes Claire mad, because she was going to talk to him about taking their relationship further than she wanted to before.

I have several reasons why I liked this book. It just seemed so personal, real, and like you were actually in the mind of a 17 year old senior boy. I thought, though this book was simple, that it really packed a punch. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, and will definitely be on the look out for more of Nicole Winters books.

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