Sky Lantern


After a paper sky lantern lands in his front yard, father and businessman Matt Mikalatos goes on a mission to find the girl who wrote the words “Love you dad, miss you so much. Steph.” The true story of how one father who set out to change the world for his children, and one girl he didn’t even know, will have you in tears, and hugging your own kids a little bit tighter.

I loved how this book was written by someone who isn’t a writer- he’s just a dad who works hard for his family, and you can really sense that through out the pages of the novel. He’s not trying to get rich and famous from his story, he just wants everyone to know that sometimes all you need in life is love, and the reminder that even though our parents may be deceased, they still find ways to show us that they love us.

When Matt stumbles upon the sky lantern, it moves him in a way that he can’t explain. He then decides to write a blog, in letter form, to his kids- and also to Steph- to explain how much he loves them, and how much he wants them to get out of life. Miraculously Steph sees the post and writes back to him. Once they decide to meet, a beautiful and transcending friendship begins.

This book had me feeling so emotional, first of all, I felt sad about Steph and her father, but mostly I felt redemption and hope for Matt and his relationship with Steph, not that he could replace her father- but more that her father brought them together to teach them and other people how bonds can form in the most mysterious ways. This was such a gorgeously written book, that I really think anyone would enjoy this. Plus, it’s a quick read and its filled to capacity with love. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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