Ghost House


In my quest to find a super awesome scary book, I stumbled upon Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto. This was found on Facebook I think. One of those pages where they say if you like such and such a book-check these out. So, I did. First, I thought this book was awesome. The writing was really intense, and I could imagine the world vividly in my mind. Then, it went down hill. Once I realized that the main character was falling in love with a ghost, it kind of put me off the whole book.

I honestly feel like I have tried so hard to find a good creepy book this Halloween season, and have yet to really read one that grips me and keeps me up all night. Unfortunately this book was no different. At first, I really liked the plot Chloe Kennedy just lost her mother-and now the ghosts that she used to see as a child are coming back to haunt her once again. In an attempt to help her and her brother move on from their mothers death Chloe’s dad and grandma think that it’s a good idea for the two kids to move to England for a little while.

While in England, Chloe starts to see more and more ghosts, one in particular catches her eye. Alexander is a man who died over 150 years ago. Although the two get along great, Alexander’s love from the time that he was alive starts to feel jealous of his relationship with Chloe, so she comes back to start some vengeful acts on the girl.

This book had so so so much potential, but I really just can’t get into a ghost love story. Ahh, maybe next time. I gotta give this one 3 out of 5 stars, the writing was really good and it intrigued me…up until that point.

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