Ummmm, what in the heck did I just read? This story blew my mind! You by Caroline Kepnes is probably unlike anything I have read recently. It was just the crazy, psychological, story that I needed to get me out of the reading rut that I was stuck in. If you have not read this, you need to go out right now and get it. It was utterly amazing. It took me a little over two days to read this, but I could not put it down. I was opening it every chance I got, because I just needed to know what happened- I needed to know the end, and I needed to know what in the hell was happening to the people in this story!

Joe works in a book store, and when Beck walks in-he knows he needs to have her. He needs to have her so bad that he starts to follow her, he goes to her home, he knows her schedule. When she comes into the bookstore one day to buy a couple of books, he strikes up a conversation, which leads to them having a drink together. This drink leads Beck and Joe down a very scary and extremely psychotic spiral of a roller coaster. Joe steals Becks phone, so he is able to see all her emails and all of her tweets and any other thing she is doing on social media. This way he can get to know her better, understand her needs and wants, be a perfect guy for her. When things get in the way of Joe, he removes those things, whether it’s a person, a place, or a thing, it doesn’t matter. If Joe wants Beck, he will do anything he can to get to her.

The awesome thing about this book is that it is told through Joe’s point of view, which to me is an incredible and different way to tell a story. Another thing that really got me with this book is how easily it is to start to feel for Joe. You forget that he’s manipulating people, and he’s using any means he can to get to Beck. You start to feel bad when Beck shakes him off, or doesn’t want to do something with him. You start to rationalize with Joe, like yeah, she is being mean. Once you snap out of that mentality and see that he is a psycho, then you start to think back to all the times that he did something crazy, and what is coming next might be even crazier. This book just threw me for a loop. I had been waiting to read this for a while, usually when I hear that a book is super amazing, and then I read it, I am sort of let down, but this was completely different I LOVED IT, and would recommend this book for anyone who likes a creepy psychological thriller.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars for me, great read!


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