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Off the Bookcase- November


Well to say that I failed at my first attempt at “Off The Bookcase”, is an understatement. My whole plan was to read two books from my book shelf, and then write reviews about them. The books I chose were books that I have had for a while, first was All The Bright Places, and second was The Interestings. I read All The Bright Places, and I never got to the second book. BUT I do have reasons. First of all, Halloween was coming, and I needed, NEEDED I tell you, to read scary books. Plus, my son had found a new love for all things Halloween which means we were out doing “scary stuff” pretty much every day, or painting pumpkins and all types of cool crafts that he became obsessed with.

Here’s his Halloween costume (a lumberjack):



On top of all that fun stuff, I received quite a few requests from publishers and authors to read their books. I usually read those books before other books. So in my second attempt at “Off The Bookcase” I think I am only going to try to stick to two short books. Though we will see how far I get with that idea!

my choices

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff


I don’t know much about this book, other than it’s short, and it’s on my shelf lol

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman


This book is about a couple from Australia who find a baby that has washed up onshore. The man wants to report the baby, but the woman wants to keep the baby, because she hasn’t been able to have one for many years. Hopefully this is a good one, it sounds intense.

Wish me luck guys! I hope to see you next month for another “Off the Bookcase!”


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