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The Girl From the Train


To me, this book, The Girl From the Train, by Irma Joubert sounded like such a good story. But, I felt that the actual way this book was written, did not connect with me at all. The story is sad, sweet, and full of love and family. I just couldn’t connect. it’s not that it was badly written, it was just written in a way that I had a hard time understanding. The story is inspirational, so I am going to try not to let my inability to connect hinder this review.

Gretl and her sister escape from a train that is on it’s way to Auschwitz. World War II is ending, and Gretl and her family are trying to find any way to get out of the war torn country. The train that she was on is unfortunately hit with a bomb, and none of her other family members survived. She meets a man named Jakob who wants to help her, so she stays with him for a couple of years. This is where the “historical” part of the book ends, theres not much else to do with the Holocaust, the book is more about the relationship between Gretl and Jakob after that. They have this really interesting relationship, they eventually have to part ways, and this tale continues with their lives, and how they grow up separate but end up together in the end.

Like I said before, I had a hard time connecting with this book. It wasn’t because the story wasn’t good, it was great. I think it was a disconnect with me because of all the “slang” words and the way that they story was written. It just lost me. I tried to stay interested in the characters and what they were doing, but it kept slipping away from me. This book gets 3 out of 5 stars from me, it’s a mix between historical fiction, romance, and a coming of age story.

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