Street God


The lines on the cover of the book Street God, “The explosive true story of a former drug boss on the run from the hood-and the courageous mission that drove him back.”Hooked me as soon as I read them on the Tyndale Blog Network site. I had never heard of Dimas Salaberrios before I read this book, but it didn’t make his words any less powerful. He went from a scary man, selling drugs, and hurting people, to bringing the word of God unto his former drug buyers.

The moment that he had a gun pressed to his head, Dimas knew he needed to get his life in order. Instead of continuing down the path of drugs, prison and murder, he went to the church. He decided that leading people to God was more fulfilling than tearing peoples lives apart.

It wasn’t an easy road, trying to get away from being a drug lord. Though he tried his hardest, he was still sort of wrapped up in that scary world. The more he tried to get out of it, the more it seemed to pull him back. That’s when he decided he needed to serve God, become a preacher, and then get back on those streets and tell people about God’s word.

He wasn’t leaving anyone behind, he was leading them the way that they needed to go. This story is an inspiration, it really taught me that no matter where we come from in life, we can make something of ourselves. It’s never going to be easy, but it is possible. The harder you try, the more you are going to get what you want. Dimas also thought me that you need to give back, when you have gotten what you needed, you need to give people what they need.

I really liked this book, because I felt like it wasn’t “preachy” but it was about God, and serving him. It explains, at least to me, that you can be the lowest of the low, and God can still reach you. I thought this was a great book, and something that everyone should read, especially if they want to learn more about the Lord. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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