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Petty Little Lives and Giveaway


The only thing cousins Sapphire Hope and Roxanna Revolution have in common is they don’t want to spend the summer at their aunt’s Iowa farm. Sapphire is an entitled L.A. rich-girl…Spoiled by her Oscar-winning mother and a CEO father, Sapphire thrives on the lifestyle of a jet-setting socialite and aspiring model. She has no interest in rural life, or the strange cousin who seems to want to be her friend. About the only thing even remotely interesting about the farm is the good-looking intern at her aunt’s veterinary clinic, Dawn Matthews. He might do as a summer distraction.

Roxanna is a sensitive loner…She spends her time playing guitar and posting videos for her YouTube subscribers, but at least at her aunt’s, nobody knows what she’s hiding. Since her secret drove her boyfriend away, she could use a few friends, but Sapphire clearly isn’t interested—and even less so when Dawn prefers Roxanna’s company over hers. When Roxanna’s secret comes out, Sapphire, Roxanna, and their friends are forced to view their lives from a new perspective and face choices they never thought they’d have to make.Can friendship and new love help them overcome physical and emotional challenges and learn what’s really important? Or will old habits and attitudes refuse to die?

First of all, I just want to say I love how three dimensional these characters are, they really have the feel of real people, and that was something that I loved about this book. I loved the way that Alice wrote, and how she delved into the minds of these characters. Sapphire was annoying, but in a way that made her fun to read, and Roxanna was relatable to me. I loved this book, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

An Excerpt From the Book:

Sapphire“ Welcome back, Miss Hope,” Albus says, in his old man voice. He is one of the butlers my mother hired because she cannot be bothered to open doors on her own. Albus started working for our family when I was twelve years old. Back then I always called him Dumbledore because his name just calls for it. “ Your mother is in the living room.” “ I’m sure she is,” I say and cross the entrance hall. The ceiling, which is more than four stories above my head, is vaulted and an almost cliché looking chandelier hangs off of it. The floor is white marble and so clean you could eat off it. “ Sapphire!” I hear my mother call out. I had hoped she wouldn’t notice I was home. Lord knows the house is big enough so that we would never have to see each other if we wanted. I look over my shoulder to Albus who just shrugs and then walks off somewhere. “ Hello, Mother,” I say upon entering the living room which is, to say the least, ginormous. Expensive furniture, high ceiling, and floor-to- ceiling windows as far as the eye can see. They allow you to look over the entirety of our garden. Mother stands up from the sofa and walks over to me. Her hair has the same shade of blonde, but it’s an inch or two shorter than mine. Judging by her clothes, I’d say she spent her morning and early afternoon at a meeting of some sorts. Good for her. I don’t really care. “ You were shopping, again?” Her voice sounds dismissive, defensive almost. “ Yes.” I raise the bags I’m still carrying slightly and arch an eyebrow. Aren’t these proof of that? “ Ashley and I went to Rodeo Drive. I left a note in the kitchen.” “ And where did you get the money from?” “ Relax, Mother, I still have more than enough from what you and Dad gave me.” For my eighteenth birthday my parents gave me a decent amount of money, because I’m sure they either couldn’t be bothered to get me an actual present or they forgot about my birthday all together.

The lovely people that brought this book to me are giving away a copy of Petty Little Lives to one lucky person!

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