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Next Door to a Star

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This book was a really, cute, easy and fun young adult novel. Even though I definitely feel like I am on the older side of the crowd reading this book, I could relate in a lot of ways. Hadley is a fourteen year old girl who is just trying to fit in, but when she gets into it with the popular girls from her home town, her parents send her to stay at her parents house on Lake Michigan (I loved this since I live in Michigan). Hadley’s grandparents live next to a famous actress named Simone Hendrickson, who is also a teenager-but was never really too friendly to Hadley in the past. This year things are different though, because Simone has finally taken notice of Hadley and brought her under her wing.

Things start to get away from Hadley as she becomes more submersed into Simone’s life and friendships, which leaves Hadley’s best friend Charlotte behind. Things come to a head when Hadley starts to fall for a boy in Simone’s group of friends, and it really blows up. It’s interesting to see if a friendship can last a bombshell like what happens between Simone and Hadley, and even Hadley and Charlotte.

I tried to really read this book for what it is, because like I said before, I am probably too old to be reading this book. Only because it’s hard to relate to characters that are half my age-but I still was able to understand where Hadley is coming from for the entire novel. As a teenager, we have all been there and wanted to fit in. I enjoyed this book, it was an easy read, and it was fun as well. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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