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The Memory Jar


This book right here is definitely going to be a hit. It was something that I don’t read every day, it had a good plot, and though the characters were a bit mysterious, it was in a good way. The Memory Jar by Elissa Janine Hoole is going to be a book you want to put on your TBR list next year. This story is beautiful, sad, and heart breaking. Yet it will keep you hooked.

It seems that Taylor and her boyfriend have many secrets, after a snowmobile accident, Taylor’s boyfriend Scott remains in a coma, while she is just a little banged up. Taylor can’t remember, or doesn’t want to remember, who was driving the snowmobile that fateful night. She doesn’t want to remember if she was driving, because she doesn’t want to remember if she crashed it on purpose.

Taylor also doesn’t know if she even wants Scott to wake up. She doesn’t want him to remember that she broke up with him that night, or that he gave her an engagement ring, and especially that she told him she was pregnant. Alone in the world, Taylor is forced to face all of these challenges by herself. She can’t tell her mom, because she is afraid of what her mom will do. She can’t rely on the one person she knows she can trust, because he’s not even awake. Facing everything by herself is just too hard, especially when someone from Scott’s college comes in and lays down the truth about what Scott was doing at school.

Written in both before and after the crash narrative, this book will have you spellbound. The writing is unique, and very relatable. I loved Taylor’s voice. She was smart, funny, and sarcastic, just my kind of girl. There was only one issue I had with the book, and that was one particular character, who I won’t name now as I don’t want to spoil anything. This character I felt was out of place, and not necessary for the story development. The story could have been just as good, if not better, if that character had not been introduced. Other than that, I really do think this is a lovely book, and I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received this book from Netgalley.


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