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Book Club?


Hello my fellow book lovers, I have been thinking recently that I really want to start a book club! I’m in a sort of small town, and I don’t know many people my age around here (I didn’t grow up here so I’m out of the loop as far as friends go), and I thought maybe, just MAYBE some of my followers would be interested in starting a book club. So, anyone?

What I was thinking, is we could start a Facebook group or event, and then we could all just discuss the books there. We could take turns picking a book each month, and you can read it or if you don’t want to read it that month you don’t have to, but it would just be fun to have some book discussions and laughs with some of my bookworm people.

So, let me know what you think, are you interested? Have any ideas how we could make this work? Let me know in the comments! Or email me at


17 thoughts on “Book Club?”

  1. So keen! keep me posted on how you decide to go about doing it. Will be more than happy on any platform (except I don’t have twitter lol)


  2. Add me! Add me! Have to remember things like time zones as well since I know people on FB who live in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. You can find my FB via my Follow Me page.


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