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A New Life


If you have ever had a baby, you will relate to this short story  A New Life by one of my favorite authors of 2015, Stephanie Kepke, in one way or another. Stephanie writes stories that are so real, it almost hurts. Her descriptions of situations are so in depth and well written that it’s almost as if you are there, or as if you lived that moment yourself. I love when an author can make you feel that you are the one that’s in the story, and that’s one of the great things about Stephanie’s writing.

In A New Life we meet new parents Zach and Grace, who just had a beautiful baby boy. Though they are thankful that their baby, Henry, was born healthy and as adorable as ever, there are certain things that happen when there is a new life in your home, that all new parents can relate with. It’s as if time stands still, and your only concern is the baby. New parents have to make sure that the baby is fed, clothed, is sleeping enough, and all of this must be done while the parents haven’t eaten all day, haven’t slept in a week, and are wearing the same clothes that they came home from the hospital wearing. This is no different for Grace and Zach, and the struggles of a new baby in the home start to weigh on them both.

When Grace suspects her husband of being unfaithful after he comes home late one night, they decide it’s time to do some reconnecting, to remember why they are together and to instill that passion for each other once again. Putting Henry in the care of Zach’s parents for one night, is just what the couple needs. They go out together and rekindle the romance that they were so desperately missing. Once they realize that their love is still there, it’s just what they need to see that everything was worth it, and that their family is the most amazing thing they could hope for.

This was a short story, so it was only about 100 pages, which means it packed a whole lot of punch for such a short book. Most of you know how much I struggled with in the first year of my son’s life, so this book just “got” me. Those feelings came rushing back, and I could empathize with Grace as she felt her marriage slipping away. I loved this book, though I would have loved for it to be longer :). This book gets 4 out of 5 stars from me, I thought it was a great short story, that made me feel like I was living life with the characters.

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